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Mrs Rosemary Kona has been sworn is a county executive committee member for gender, culture and social services in a swearing ceremony that was only attended by a few due to corona virus pandemic.

The leaders among them Samburu governor Moses Lenolkulal, Samburu women rep Maison Leshoomo, Samburu north and east mp Alois Lentoimaga, and Jackson Lekumontare who witnessed the event requested the new CEC to serve the county residents equally with favoring one tribe and ignoring the other.

“When CEC work hard they are praised for their good work but whenever an issue comes up it’s the governor who carries the burden” Lenolkulal said during the ceremony.

On her part Leshoomo asked the new CEC to work closely with the women rep’s office to offer better services to women, disabled people and youths through various programs.

“Come and we will tell what we are doing and what the situation is at our office and you will be honest to tell what the county has so we can help our people” she said.

However Mr Lentoimaga who had been ally of deputy president William Ruto announced a u-turn and declared his support for president Uhuru Kenyatta.

“There can never be two fathers at home, there is only one and that’s Uhuru Kenyatta, I don’t recognize any other president apart from him, I am on how side” he said.

 He further called upon locals to support president Kenyatta for the next two years until 2022 for development and ensure they are in government all the time.

His sentiments were echoed by Samburu Women Maison Leshoomo who asked  Kenyans and leaders to respect president Kenyatta and his government at all times.

Leshoomo said herself and other leaders in the county are always obedient to the president asking the rest of the country to follow suit.

“We as your leaders are supporting our president, we are always ready for his decision and direction, if says about turn we about turn, if he says go right we go right,

“President Uhuru was elected by Kenyans and kenyans among them leaders should respect him and his government at all times” Leshoomo said.

The vocal mp supported actions that are being taken by Jubilee party against it’s rebel members in the Senate and national assembly.

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