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West Pokot county governor John Lonyangapuo has disassociated himself over claims he has intentions of ditching Kanu party and joining  other political bandwagon ahead of 2022 elections.

The county boss further dismissed assertions that he shifted to Ruto’s  camp long time ago citing that he respects KANU party because  it’s a political vehicle that helped him to be a governor..

He said his friendship to the deputy president was all about development and he has no intention of decamping from  Kanu party and either join Kieleweke or Tanga Tanga political groups.

The area governor strongly defended himself citing that the  wrangle s  embattling the county government over KANU members of county assembly disrespecting the party are maliciously  orchestrated    to kill the Kanu party adding that he has played a key role in making KANU party strong in the county..

He noted that he has  no intention of changing his political stand and  those working hard to scatter the Kanu party will not be successful citing that this not the right time for politics but he focuses on his development agenda.

He reiterated that he invites Kanu party leader Gideon Moi to visit the county anytime and he  will be welcomed by Kanu large numbers.

He said he won’t  be deterred by rumour mongers and propagandists and those giving out false information concerning his political stand should desist.

He castigated   those already campaigning for president seat   before 2022 to stop imposing themselves  on a country that has already has a president  who is his excellence   Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said president Kenyatta should be supported by all leaders and creating division and divided attention is not right pointing out that   if the president and his deputy have their own differences is none of his business.

However members of parliament from the county echoed governors sentiments citing that the changes the governor intended to make at the county assembly were interfered by external forces.

Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol  said there is much of political witch hunt ongoing in the country and some leaders are working hard to bring others down.

He noted that the county has managed to maintain peace and end cattle rustling and it wont be fair for county leaders to engage in arguments and trading barbs and yet the locals are expecting  development.

Peter Lochakapong MP  Sigor said the country is experiencing a political dispersion  and some politicians have been sacrificed because of their affiliations to a particular party.

He said leaders should be allowed to express their thoughts and finally reach a Consensus that will benefit the common mwananchi.

He pleaded with county leaders to respect the area governor and focus on development rather than engaging  on political side shows.

The leaders were speaking in Kacheliba constituency during the distribution of relief food to locals who have been affected with hunger.

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