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When are going to stop comparing the value of life being to an electronic gadget? Is it a Kenyan problem or a global thing?

As other states fight with black lives matter, we need to advocate the rights of the least among us who we acknowledge that they steal from us but what can we do about remedying the situation?

I am a Kenyan and I believe in the power of the constitution. Article 26 states that everyone has the right to life irrespective of who they are.

But it pains me hearing a form two kid being mobbed to death just because he was caught stealing a phone from one neighboring estate and selling it to a form four boy. Do ever think about our actions at that time and remind ourselves that we are not perfect and if given the opportunity, maybe we would be in their shoes.

A little empathy goes a long way.

I am not implying that they should not be punished for their actions but I want to question myself because I live in that society that kills the lower class citizen but cannot be able to kill their politicians who has made it worse for them to access essential services in their local community.

Have we become fools because we forget that we mirror what is in the society today?

What if the kid who was caught stealing came from a rich family, would we have answers to the questions about their life and punishment compared to the kid from a poor neighborhood community?

We rather be ashamed if we cant cast stones to our politicians and leaders for stealing money and resources meant for the public but rather be the first to cast stones to the young man who is doing what he can to earn that small amount to cater for his needs.

What if they are just doing what someone in authority is doing and forgetting that they can’t get away with stealing?

But before we try to remove the speck in someone’s eye, should we be the first to remove the log in our eyes?

We are not dead because someone has not exposed the sins and actions we do. But my heart goes out to that young man’ soul. I don’t know if he knew about Christ but I hope he found that capacity to say like the thief at the cross, when you ascend to heaven, remember me for I am a sinner.

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